Hiped High socks for men 100% silk

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The finesse of the Silk, The strength of the Silk, The warmth of the Silk 100% Silk

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Thin silk sock ChaussetteClub (above the calf).

The Silk Sock!

The most amazing natural fiber in its performance is silk! Men's socks are thin, sturdy and opaque, and the height of elegance is having a knee-high sock that doesn't slip. Silk is a naturally resistant and shiny fiber harvested in the Far East from the continuous filament cocoon of the silkworm. ChaussetteClub uses a silk thread which is a thread formed by twisting 2 to 3 strands together to produce a thread with a luxurious shimmering appearance and excellent wear resistance and good moisture absorption. In all cold or hot conditions, long silk socks remain cool and comfortable to wear, making them the finest high-quality sock for cocktail, jacket or uniform outfits!

When & how to wear the silk sock:

More expensive than men's Scottish socks, it is thinner and less transparent for equal denier. It is the high-end, high-quality men's sock, it matches both the dandy and the Gentleman, for everyday use and for formal occasions. Buy men's tall socks for chic evenings and special occasions. ChaussetteClub's high silk socks for men are said to be superfine gauge and are knitted from extremely fine threads (120 denier) on machines which build the shoe with a super fine gauge cylinder of 240 needles. Large gauge - Point 96 & Point 176 - Fine point 200 - Very fine point 240 needle - Superfine Gauge Silk thread about 120 denier, compare to a merino wool thread of 190 denier

Colors and Height:

The high-end fine socks of ChaussetteClub in natural silk only exist in socks rising below the knee, we make them with the finest 120 denier threads and of the highest quality. , are 100% silk! We do not add any elastane, only knitting in fine mesh, ensures a hold on the calf without tightening, and remains in place without worries!


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100% Soie

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